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Get to Know Your Plushsmith!

Hi! Welcome to Double Backstitch Arts! You can just call me Backstitch if you like.

I make... things. Lots of things. Plushies, cosplays, props, swords, art, many sorts of things. Most of you are probably here about the plushies though. I do what I love, and I really love to create stuff.

And it turns out, people dig getting stuff made for them. So here we are! More info can be found in my FAQ below. Any unanswered questions? Note me! I really do love to hear from you, and can always take a moment for a friendly chat.

Have a gander at the things in my gallery and whatnot, and thanks for dropping by!

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And Furaffinity, the site slightly less for the faint of heart than deviantART o ,o…

Questions that have been Asked Frequently, and answers to them.

A: BAM That do anything for ya? ;D

Q: Just how big are your ponies?
A: Well my price list has the numbers, but this could help put things into perspective

Q: Commissions, how do they work?
A: About a week or two before I open up, I post a journal saying when I'll be taking new plushies on. Then on that date and time, you send in a note and I pick four-ish jobs, and then I close until I'm done with those. That doesn't mean you have to wait until I'm open to ask about prices or details for a specific plush, those you can ask about any time.

Q: "So does "COMMISSIONS CLOSED" mean I have to ask extra nicely...?" "I want a lifesize pony. Here's $15. Or better yet, it's my friend's birthday, can you make one for free?" "How do you do that thing you do that makes you different from everyone else, i.e. your rumpybutts or 3D lashes? I want to do it too." "Can I have your patterns pretty please?" "Do you take dA points?" "Are you single? ;)"
A: No. Except for that last one. That one is yes.

Q: So... Favorite soda? Favorite music? Favorite show? Favorite movie? Favorite game? Favorite pony?
A: Dr. Pepper, most anything 80's and classic rock, either G1 Transformers or G4 MLP, Transformers: The Movie (1986), either Duke Dukem 3D or FallFancy Sev'n, and the Great and Powerful Trixie.

Q: Can I draw your OCs or draw my pony with him/her?
A: Generally yes. I'd appreciate being asked first, but for the mostpart I love seeing art of my ponies :3

Q: Ok... So do you do more than plushies?
A: Yup! I draw, I sculpt a little, I make cosplay parts (think wings, goggles, armor bits), I do a little of a lot. Curious if I'm the person to do what need be done? Don't be afraid to ask ^ ,^

Your question not here? It could be, if you ask enough! Note me anything you've got that's not covered here and I'll be glad to answer it.

Plush Artists That Rock!

A section otherwise known as, "If I'm not open, check out these artists!" I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great plush people during my time doing what I do. They're really nice, they're fantastic at what they do, and I've been helped out by most of these fine folk in one way or another over the years. I've been asked about what other plush making people are out there more than a few times while I've had commissions closed, and I'd like this list to stand as an answer to that question. This is by no means a complete list, and I'll be adding to it as time goes on.

My fav: The Great and Laying Trixie! by adamlhumphreys
He's got a lot of plushing talent, and has on more than one occasion blinded me with science! Really, check out more of his work. It's fantastic.

My fav: Vinyl Scratch Plushie by ButtercupBabyPPG
She' makes 'em big and not too big, but she always makes them very fine. As one of my favorite plush artists, I can't say enough nice things about her work so go check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed.

My fav: Trixie and Trick Shot by fireflytwinkletoes
Just wow. Firefly is amazing, with great variety and unbridled talent. I almost don't feel worthy of mentioning her here, because you probably already know of her. If not, please go check her out!

My fav: Princess Luna s1 plush by hystree
Hystree is a legend in my eyes. Her ponies were some of the work that most inspired me when I was starting, an example of the best of the best there was. I don't think she's open for commissions, but just go and look at her work. It's beautiful.

My fav: Princess Luna Custom Plush by Nazegoreng
This list wouldn't be complete without Nazegoreng. She's one of the plushers I've been closest to, and she's an undeniable talent with motivation and passion for her work that I always say I greatly admire. Give her very fine work a look, and be amazed!

My fav: Nightmare Rarity by Sophillia
She makes adorable ponies, she's multitalented, and you should go check out her work. I adore all of it, and her X3

My fav: Magic Duel Trixie Plushie by WhiteHeather
WhiteHeather is wonderful at what she does, and is one of those plush people who's been all nice to me from the start ^ ,^ Give her stuff a look, because it's as awesome as she is.

If I start making partial ponysuits (head, hoof-sleeves/gloves, and tail) in the style of my plushies is that something you'd buy from me? 

32 deviants said I'd like to wait and see how they'd look first.
25 deviants said Oh my gosh, yes!
16 deviants said I bet you could make some cute ears, horns, and wings :)
10 deviants said No, I'm not really interested in getting suit stuff from you.
Edit: New prices apply to new work only.

It's that time again, time for me to take on a new project to start on after I finish this current pony I'm making. And I do have two new announcements to go with it.

Firstly, I'm renaming my size categories to something a bit simpler than the fractions I was using before. Quarter Scale is now Normal, Half is now Double, and Lifesize is now... Lifesize. I mean that one is kinda my thing ;p After looking around and seeing that everybody else's normal was what I called quarter, and hearing too many times "this is so much bigger than I thought it'd be" I've decided to go with wording that doesn't sound tiny or make you feel like you're getting less of a plush if you get anything other than Lifers. And with my newly crafted Normal size pattern, my quality levels will be higher than ever.

Secondly, my prices are changing. I looked around and also saw that many people were charging for Normal sized things close to what I charge for Doubles. I recalculated my hourly wages after materials and taxes and found out that I'm still making well below US minimum wage. So I've updated my price sheet to pricing that's enough for me to no longer end up barely making ends meet, and reflects quality improvements since I came up with my previous prices. It means that I can keep doing this instead of quitting because walmart would pay me twice what I was making ^ ,^' My full list of prices can be found herely: 
Updated Plushie Pricing and PoliciesPrices
~9 inch (Normal size) filly or colt: $225
14-16 inch (Normal size) standard pones of both genders: $350
18-21 inch (Normal size) royalty: $500-650
18 inch (Double size) filly or colt: $500
24-30 inch (Double size) pones, mare or stally: $800
36-42 inch (Double size) royalty: $1200-1400
36 inch (Lifesize) filly or colt: $1200
48-ish inch (Lifesize) mare-types: $1800
60-ish inch (Lifesize) stallion-types: $1900
72-84 inch (Lifesize) royalty: $2300-2500
Simple accessories (socks, scarves, other small clothing items): Normal $20, Double $40, Lifesize $60
Complex clothing items/outfits: Normal $60+, Double $120+, Lifesize $200+
If your plush doesn't fall into these sizing categories, or if you don't know how big it'd be or how big you'd want it, send me a note! I'd be happy to discuss the details. These prices are for anything that can be plushed: h

So you are now up to date with the Stitch. On October 1st at noon CST I'll be opening one slot to get added to my current list to be made after the plush that I'm working on now. If you've got questions about something you'd like plushed, send me a note. The slot is for a Normal or Double size plush, and if I get a lot of interest in the Normals I may have more openings sooner. In order to snag the slot, send me a note with what you want on or after 12:00 CST on the 1st. I'll be choosing what gets made based on both order received and ability to pay. General questions and such can be directed into the comments below ^ ,^

Commissioning D. Backstitch and You!

So you want to hire me to make your plush dreams come true? Fantastic~! I can make almost anything you could want plushed. Feel free to ask for any level of detail or additional accessories/outfits, because I do those too for a reasonable price. Tell me what you want, because what you want is what I want to make.

For ponies (my most common work) some things to think about are expression for the eyes and mouth, and possibly the pose as well. If you don't specify a pose, I'll default to normal standing, which is usually pretty poseable on its own. Other options are rump size, which I've got fans who like both "show accurate" that's simple and elegant, and then boosted which has some extra oomph. Manes can be done complex or simple, complex being multi-stranded 3D adaptations of characters' flat shapes and simple being the more single-piece show-accurate style. I do 3D eyelashes, which a lot of people like, but I can make the eye embroidery flat too. Recently I've started putting a layer of vinyl over the eye as well to give it a reflective glossy sheen, which also protects the embroidery. Again, some like it and some don't. It's completely your choice ^ ,^

Normal size commissions are CLOSED!
Large plush commissions are currently CLOSED!
Art commissions temporarily closed!

Note me if you have a price inquiry for a special job, otherwise general pricing can be found here!

Normal size commissions:

Princess Luna for the patient and awesome :iconprinceofharmony:

Princesses Luna & Celestia for a 20% cooler :iconcutternut39:

War Sketch & Fireside for :iconloves-to-derp:

Biggerponies list:

:iconlemonthecombustible: Double size Lucky Spark (OC)

:iconleveebreaker: Double size Pinkie Pie

:iconcinnamon-scroll: Double size Nevihta Tempest (OC)

Large as life list:

:iconacrinn45: lifesize Princess Luna

Night Flight: 3/4 scale Princess Luna

:iconneilbronner: lifesize Fluttershy

:iconstormcloakwizzard: lifesize Screwball

Madingo (furaffinity): lifesize Trixie

Assertive Fluttershy: lifesize Flutterbat

Kit Bash: lifesize Kit Bash

Trading Game

Rarity for :iconnazegoreng:



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