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Get to Know Your Plushsmith!

Hi! Welcome to Double Backstitch Arts! You can just call me Backstitch if you like.

I make... things. Lots of things. Plushies, cosplays, props, swords, art, many sorts of things. Most of you are probably here about the plushies though. I do what I love, and I really love to create stuff.

And it turns out, people dig getting stuff made for them. So here we are! More info can be found in my FAQ below. Any unanswered questions? Note me! I really do love to hear from you, and can always take a moment for a friendly chat.

Have a gander at the things in my gallery and whatnot, and thanks for dropping by!

Follow me up on the facebook thing!…

Also now on tumbly!…

And Furaffinity, the site slightly less for the faint of heart than deviantART o ,o…

Questions that have been Asked Frequently, and answers to them.

A: Note me. I prefer to discuss prices privately. Also if you got a quote from me in 2013 or before, then you've likely got outdated rates so re-ask if you wish. Thank you.

Q: I noted you, but forgot to ask, are your prices negotiable?
A: Unfortunately, no. I used to be more flexible, but I just can't afford to do that anymore u ,u

Q: Frickin' commissions, how do they work?
A: I say I'm open when I'm taking new plushies on, I pick between four and six at a time, and then I close until I'm done with those. Pretty groovy, eh? :3

Q: "So does "COMMISSIONS CLOSED" mean I have to ask extra nicely...?" "I want a lifesize pony. Here's $15. Or better yet, it's my friend's birthday, can you make one for free?" "How do you do that thing you do that makes you different from everyone else, i.e. your rumpybutts or 3D lashes? I want to do it too." "Can I have your patterns pretty please?" "Do you take dA points?
A: No.

Q: So... Favorite soda? Favorite music? Favorite artist? Favorite show? Favorite movie? Favorite game? Favorite pony?
A: Dr. Pepper, Queen but really anything especially 80's, Nazegoreng, either G1 Transformers or G4 MLP, Star Wars: A New Hope, Duke Nukem 3D (was Final Fantasy VII), and the Great and Powerful Trixie.

Q: Can I draw your OCs or draw my pony with him/her?
A: Yes please! Use them how you like, but give credit where credit is due and let me know, k? I love seeing art of my ponies :3

Q: Ok... So do you do more than plushies?
A: Yup! I draw, I sculpt a little, I make cosplay parts (think wings, goggles, armor bits), I do a little of a lot. Curious if I'm the person to do what need be done? Don't be afraid to ask ^ ,^

Your question not here? It could be, if you ask enough! Note me anything you've got that's not covered here and I'll be glad to answer it.

I've got a few side-projects I'd like to work on if I ever get the time to. Which sounds most exciting? 

65 deviants said Endoskeletons for your lifesize ponies
18 deviants said Fursuits
18 deviants said Five Nights at Freddy's costumes
15 deviants said Ball jointed dolls
7 deviants said Do you have anything you want to work on that's not sort of/really creepy?
This is Onlyfactory.
They make plushies out of ideas you have! If you don't think an artist's price is fair on their plushies, you can post a picture of their plush and get the support of a bunch of other people who agree with you and want to get that plush for cheaper! And if you get enough support, they'll use that plushie as a reference and make a plush just like it but lots of them! And for cheap! Sounds swell, wouldn't you agree?
This is a link to an idea for "Life size MLP Plushies!"…
If you can't see that page because they say it doesn't exist, that means you haven't given Onlyfactory any money for any of their other "ideas" :( What you're missing is an idea for 45 inch (1.14m) MLP plushies that used to be using pictures of my plushies as examples, because people think I charge too much for them! Their idea is that they should only cost $200 each, and that they should have well defined bottoms! "Save the fans the cost of custom life size plushies!!" I politely asked they not use images of my work as examples for Onlyfactory to backwards engineer, and the images were removed. And many commented on how mean it was that artists like me didn't want pictures of our work used as examples! "maybe you can just upload screenshots of the ponies. sigh, why do artists got something against it, that there picture is used for examples? this factory dont literately copy or anything and they make there own patterns ." Necessity is the mother of invention, is it not? But it seems that lots of plush artists are vocally opposed to the idea of their works being posted as examples for these ideas :(
"I personally know the factory has an interest in making this. Sadly the flow of support to many great ideas on this site has slowed to a halt. We need to find new ways of spreading the word, try posting links to this and other ideas on pony fourms or tell your friends to lend there support! Maybe try anime or cosplay sites, the people of onlyfactory want to help our dreams come true in plush form! :3"
"We need all the support we can get, this will be the perfect solution to the expensive customs that not everypony can afford. :3"
Fight the good fight!
"Lets keep supporting these ideas and only factory!"
And when the artist asks you to take down pics of their work:
"Perfect example of life size pony with show accurate body and "bottoms"…"
"Here are a few more pictures:……"
Just take them down, then block anyone who's not backing any other Onlyfactory ideas, link their work in the comments, and edit your idea description: "Please produce them with the bottom like in the picture in the comments"

I've known about my own work being posted on Onlyfactory for around four months now, thanks to watchers here on dA telling me about it. And I originally got the photos of my girls removed by being polite and asking nicely. They kept the numbers I used, but took down the pictures. Until a few days ago when the submitter of the "idea" posted my works in the comments and changed the description to ask that the plush be made like the ones she linked in the comments. Apparently I'm supposed to be honored that my work is being used as an example for a plush to be made from. But I've seen how Onlyfactory makes plushies. They backwards engineer a plush from the artist's picture, and everyone there says it's an original design. ButtercupBabyPPG and Nazegoreng have both had their patterns blatantly copied by Onlyfactory before, at the whim of people who think they price too highly and that the fans deserve those plushies for a fraction of the cost.

Now, my lifesize ponies cost about $300 or so in materials. Depends on which pony it is, but that's the average. I'm sure they can get materials for cheaper over in China where they're paying their laborers fractions of a livable wage to make these plushies and are still able to turn a profit, but what this does is it hurts the original designer of the plush and it cheats the laborers making the plush because there's no way they're getting fair pay for a plush of that scale. It takes customers away from the custom plush artists, and with less customers they have to charge more per pony to make what they used to (because some of us do this professionally: we live off the plush we make) or they have to suffer the loss.

Now, Onlyfactory on their own won't have that strong of an effect. Not yet, anyway, and perhaps not ever. And they can't come anywhere near the quality Naz and Buttercup and my other tallented plushing friends can offer. But it's something that, if ignored, could hurt lots of people in the long run. If Hasbro gets involved and they see factory production of their characters, it could seriously hurt all non-official production of plush. Right now it's a matter of principle though. Someone on Onlyfactory posted my work, I'm returning the favor. Please don't support copies of fanmade plush on Onlyfactory. It's tempting to get fanmade quality work for cheap, but you won't be getting that quality, and it hurts the artists who are making them.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to have pictures of my next projects up soon that you, my clients and watchers, have made possible for me to make.

Commissioning D. Backstitch and You!

Plush commissions are currently CLOSED!
Art commissions temporarily closed!

Note me if you have a price inquiry. I won't answer if you comment, shout, post a dirty fanfic using "What are your prices?" in more than just the obvious ways, or tap it in Morse code. Only through notes.

Half-scale Princess Luna, returned for restoration

Half-scale Fluttershy, returned for restoration

cutternut39 lifesize Princess Luna

:iconacrinn45: lifesize Princess Luna

:iconwilshirewolf: lifesize Princess Celestia

:iconjfluffy: half-scale Applejack

caligula668 lifesize Twilight Sparkle

Trading Game

Rarity for :iconnazegoreng:



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