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Firstly thank you everyone who submitted entries to the contest, you are all wonderful and if I could, I'd make you all winners. However, I only have limited time and places open for the winners of this year's contest, and they are thusly mentioned.

First place:
A Moonlit Race by Paper-Cities
"A Moonlit Race" by Paper-Cities
The artist demonstrated considerable effort in the drawing and story but also in exploring and learning about the characters' stories and how they interact. The highest points you can ever score in these things is by notably taking interest in the characters and then basing a creation around them. The short story setting the scene and the image that it goes with really set this later entry as the highest mark. They win the first prize of a beanie of their choice~!

Second place:
Contest Entry: Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch by BlackCatSamurai
"Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch" by BlackCatSamurai
It's rare you see a physical representation of lil' Dubbstitch, and never have I ever seen a rainbow power version of her. This entry gets big points for the physical nature of it, plus the careful consideration that was made when choosing how one would adapt my monochromatic pony into something fabulous. For her efforts, she wins the service of my hands to draw her something to her liking.

Third place:…
"I'll be home for Hearth's Warming" by avalon487 on furafinity
If you were around for my last contest, this guy. This guy is good stuff. When he writes, he really makes me feel like my characters are something a bit more than just ponies in my head. Really, he's got some true talent. He's fabulous, and he wins a sort of fabulous me drawing for him.

Fourth place?!:
Dubby's Christmas Party by lemonthecombustible
"Dubby's Christmas Party" by lemonthecombustible
Okay so there wasn't supposed to be a fourth place for this tier, but Lemon here just went all out with this one and I couldn't leave it out. She even sent me the hard copy of it, and it's so gorgeous in person. Her extra efforts award her an art of her desiring by my hand.

All other entries really were dearly appreciated and will be compiled into a collage submission like my previous one. Thanks again everyone, and let's do this again some time ^ ,^
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After consideration and hearing back from folks, I've decided to extend this Christmas contest into a winter contest! Well, winter for the northern hemisphere. What does this mean? The deadline is now 2359 CST (11:59 PM) on February 29th. This gives folks a less busy time to work on submissions, and more time too. Additionally, there will be some changes to the prizes and rules around them. The number of prizes now depend on the number of submissions. The starting set of prizes will be one beanie for the first prize, and two digital art second prizes. If I get 30 or more submissions, because my last contest got 30 submissions, it'll be one Normal scale plush grand prize, three digital art first prizes, and a random draw beanie. If I get 100 submissions, the prizes will be changed one last time to one Double scale grand prize, one Normal random draw, and three beanie first place slots with the option to have an equal value digital art piece done instead. To qualify for the random drawing, you just need to submit anything so long as clear effort has been put into the piece. To help that, try to capture some essence of the subject character. To brush up on the rules in their original and now updated format, check here:

[ENDED]The Winter ''I Never Win Anything'' Contest

Thank you all for the contest entries! We got a total of nine submissions it looks like, meaning we didn't break out of first-tier prizes sadly. Maybe next time, friends. Winners will be announced a week from now, so keep an eye out for that to see a collage of the lovely arts that were submitted ^ ,^ Winners of the beanie and drawing commissions will be contacted by private message.
Do you like winning things? Me too! Do you ever win anything? I don't either! Is it fun to try to win something anyway? Depends on who you ask! Hi people, and welcome to the first (and potentially last if I don't remember next year) annual Winter "I Never Win Anything" Contest. I recently passed 1500 watchers here on DeviantArt, 228 watchers on FurAffinity, 170 follows on Tumbly, 800 likes on Facebook, it's a month from Chrissms, I just made a beanie pattern, and any other excuse to do this. So what's the deal with the WINWAC? I'm glad I ask
Just keeping this journo around because a submission ended up posted in the comments here. The contest has been extended and expanded, so check out the contest announcement to see what's new and how you can enter ^ ,^

Hello all. The Christmas ''I Never Win Anything'' Contest is coming to a close midnight two days from now. Unlike the last contest I had, I've received far fewer entries. 30-ish last time around, but for this one so far two enties have been sent in, and one I know of still in the works.
Given there were five prize slots, this means I may not even be able to fill all prize slots. I think maybe I'm not as popular as I once was, and maybe I should have picked a time when people had more free time. Maybe I should extend the deadline by a month or so. Plenty of room for speculation, but hay. That's how it goes.
With this in mind I'm wondering if my contestants wouldn't mind my amending the prize list down a little. Before I had one Normal scale plush grand prize, three first prizes of artwork, and one random draw for a beanie. Seeing as we may end up with all winners and a blank spot or two, I'm figuring I'd shrink the prizes to one beanie and three drawings or something. Have each prize value at around $40-60 instead of having one $350 prize and four $40-60 prizes.
If that's too harsh a culling of the prize pool when I may be looking at three entries, and you have a vested interest in this contest, let me know. I could instead push the deadline back by up to two months perhaps to give more time for folks to work on stuff.
Options are there, let me know what you think, and I'll aim to make the best decision with your thoughts and the effort of the few who have already pitched in in mind.


Thank you all for the contest entries! We got a total of nine submissions it looks like, meaning we didn't break out of first-tier prizes sadly. Maybe next time, friends. Winners will be announced a week from now, so keep an eye out for that to see a collage of the lovely arts that were submitted ^ ,^ Winners of the beanie and drawing commissions will be contacted by private message.

Do you like winning things? Me too! Do you ever win anything? I don't either! Is it fun to try to win something anyway? Depends on who you ask! Hi people, and welcome to the first (and potentially last if I don't remember next year) annual Winter "I Never Win Anything" Contest. I recently passed 1500 watchers here on DeviantArt, 228 watchers on FurAffinity, 170 follows on Tumbly, 800 likes on Facebook, it's a month from Chrissms, I just made a beanie pattern, and any other excuse to do this. So what's the deal with the WINWAC? I'm glad I asked.

PRIZES (because talking first about what you can win catches your attention):

If I get 1-29 submissions:
  • 1 First Place prize of a beanie of your choosing
  • 2 Second Place digital art prizes
If I get 30-99 submissions:
  • 1 Grand prize of a Normal scale mare or stallion or anything in that size range you'd want sewn!
  • 3 First Place prizes of drawings of anything the winners want because there's no way I can get people to pay me to draw!
  • 1 Random draw prize of a beanie to a random contestant! Anyone could win unless the random number generator is rigged!
If I get 100+ submissions:
  • 1 Grand prize of a Double scale mare, stallion, or non-pony plush in similar size range
  • 3 First place beanie prizes, with an option to instead ask for a digital art prize
  • 1 Normal scale mare/stallion/other random draw to a random contestant

Isn't that pretty nifty? Now, how to win a fabbo prize. TH' RULES:

You MUST be watching, following, or have liked me where you post your submission to. Submissions can be linked to in the comment section of this post on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Facebook. Tumblr you can PM me a link, or... I really don't know how tumblr works. Someone explain tumblr to me please.

SHARE this contest post wherever it may be posted that you're submitting to. The more you share, the more people can enter, and the closer you get to better prizes being available.

Submissions to the contest can be of any format. Art, fanfiction, one guy once submitted an Australian rap track. So long as it's got some obvious effort to it, you're good. To qualify for the random draw, the only criteria is that you put in apparent effort and you follow the other contest rules. That's it!

DEADLINE is 2359 (11:59 PM) CST on February 28th. Winners will be announced on March the 7th. If you aren't watching/following/liked where you've submitted, and/or you haven't shared the contest post, then your submission will be disqualified so be sure to do the things.

As for the submission content, it has to be of or about the following characters. My main two ponies, Backstitch and Promise are pretty much me. I'll be updating their refs soon, but really all that's changed is Promise has longer hair. Trick Shot (wilshirewolf's character) is Backstitch's sweetheart, but he used to be Promise's special somepony too. Passion Sparks (Loves-To-Derp's character) is Promise's marefriend now. Fireside is the edgy over-the-top character with a crazy backstory, and has both a male and female form. Male form is his natural form, female was his original form, and these days he's got a full beard (and an eyepatch on his right eye). War Sketch (also Loves-To-Derp's character) is his over-the-top lover with her own wild story. If you want more art for references or further details on them as characters, let me know. I've got loooots of art and backstory for all these darlings.
Double Backstitch ref sheet by DoubleBackstitchArts Latent Promise reference sheet by DoubleBackstitchArtsTrick Shot Reference Sheet by XNightMelodyPassion Sparks Reference Sheet by Loves-To-Derp Passion Sparks Ponysona Ref by Loves-To-Derp
Firseside quick ref by DoubleBackstitchArts

How are submissions judged? Submissions will be judged based on how well they grasp the characters being portrayed, and then on effort put in. Something doesn't have to look the best to win. My last contest winner was an author who wrote the sweetest story that captured amazingly the special relationship between me and my dear friend who Trick Shot represents. Take some time to think out what you'll do, and how that would fit in with the characters and their personalities. If you need more info than I provide in a ref and description, hit me up and I'd be happy to talk about the little ponies running around in my head.

That's all I can think for now to say. If you've got questions, let me know.
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Hoo baby, that was fast. Commissions are closed! Thanks for the interest, but both slots have been taken. You all are fantastic <3 Catcha next time~


Hey folks, it's that time again, and this time boy howdy do I have something for you that's been asked for for years, and that's the re-opening of my lifesize commissions. Well, today's your shot at my new and improved lifesize or any other size you'd like. I'm not limiting to just lifers, but the option is once more available for my biggest of big girls. Anything goes, my friends, and prices can be found here: Updated Plushie Pricing and Policies. I'm sorry to say that one slot has already been sniped by a patient individual asking for a lifer Princess Ember (oh baby is that gonna be fun) so get your 45 inches of Trixie while you can! ...Or anyplush else too I suppose.

45inches by DoubleBackstitchArts

What you're paying for is any plush you'd like made in any size to be added to my queue, so it's not quite instant gratification but I'll be starting on your plush within a month or two (depends on how rough a time Ember gives me). I can do payment plans, such as so much per week or month, half up front and half later, talk to me and we can work something out if you're someone like me and you don't have huge overflowing pockets. Feel free to ask me any questions at all you might have too, just drop me a note. Or if it's not a private question, you can comment it.

Good luck, my dudes. I look forward to hearing from you.

It's that time once more where Stitchy takes on the noblest pursuit, supporting fam and self by sewing butts. Stitchy also needs a new car because the last one's brokeded, which may or may not have forced my hoof a bit, but hay I was planning on this soonly anyways. Planning what you may ask? This time I'm proud to announce the opening of not one, but two new lifesize slots in one week on Saturday, November the 12th, at 12:00 noon CST. I understand that these are quite large plushies with a large price tag, so payment plans are very much available. Ideally I'd take half down on both plushies and have one done by the end of this month and the other some time next, but note me and I can talk over details on a case-by-case basis. No holds barred, anypony or thing is game but if I get hired for Princess sized plushies that's going to slow down the build process by a bit given their complexity. Which might not be a problem if you're wanting to pay one of these off over a period of time anyway. Prices for lifers are thusly:

48-ish inch mare-types: $1800

60-ish inch stallion-types: $1900

72-84 inch royalty: $2300-2500

And of course, if someone wants a Double or Normal sized plush instead the slot could go to that too. I wouldn't want anyone left out after all, but I figured people have been waiting on my return to lifers for a while now, hehe. Further prices on all sizes and general accessory estimates can be found here: Updated Plushie Pricing and Policies

So, message me with any commish questions you might have, comment general questions/comments if you feel like it, and be on the lookout for an example of my new and better than I've ever been lifesize pattern to be uploaded very soon ;)
Thank you for your interest, but my commission slot has been filled. Don't worry though, I'll have another one next month ^ ,^


Okie dokie folkies, you've got a shot at grabbing the next plush slot after I'm done with the pony I've currently got nearly assembled on my table. One plush from Normal to Double size, and anything goes. No pony limitation this time, because I need to diversify my plushfolio. Fursonas and cartoon chars and OCs welcome! Though I'm pretty sure I'm still going to get hired for pony. But hay, that's okay too.

Note: Prices and size names have changed since last time. For prices and sizes, see my price sheet here: If you've got questions about a specific thing you want plushed, feel free to send me a note about it. I'll be picking the next job based on both order of contact and whether they can pay within a reasonable amount of time. If you don't snag this slot, don't worry too much. I try to open one new one a month, though if more folks start hiring me for Normal size jobs maybe I'll be able to work on more ;)

Anyway! General questions can be commented, specifics and price quotes on a specific thing can be noted, on your marks, get set, go~!
Edit: New prices apply to new work only.

It's that time again, time for me to take on a new project to start on after I finish this current pony I'm making. And I do have two new announcements to go with it.

Firstly, I'm renaming my size categories to something a bit simpler than the fractions I was using before. Quarter Scale is now Normal, Half is now Double, and Lifesize is now... Lifesize. I mean that one is kinda my thing ;p After looking around and seeing that everybody else's normal was what I called quarter, and hearing too many times "this is so much bigger than I thought it'd be" I've decided to go with wording that doesn't sound tiny or make you feel like you're getting less of a plush if you get anything other than Lifers. And with my newly crafted Normal size pattern, my quality levels will be higher than ever.

Secondly, my prices are changing. I looked around and also saw that many people were charging for Normal sized things close to what I charge for Doubles. I recalculated my hourly wages after materials and taxes and found out that I'm still making well below US minimum wage. So I've updated my price sheet to pricing that's enough for me to no longer end up barely making ends meet, and reflects quality improvements since I came up with my previous prices. It means that I can keep doing this instead of quitting because walmart would pay me twice what I was making ^ ,^' My full list of prices can be found herely: 
Updated Plushie Pricing and PoliciesPrices
Sizes and prices listed are not exclusive to ponies, and may be used as estimations for plushies of similar size. For a detailed quote, please feel free to send me a note.
6 inch beanies: $40? (unsure of set price just yet)
~9 inch (Normal size) filly or colt: $225
14-16 inch (Normal size) standard pones of both genders: $350
18-21 inch (Normal size) royalty: $500-650
18 inch (Double size) filly or colt: $500
24-30 inch (Double size) pones, mare or stally: $800
36-42 inch (Double size) royalty: $1200-1400
36 inch (Lifesize) filly or colt: $1200
48-ish inch (Lifesize) mare-types: $1800
60-ish inch (Lifesize) stallion-types: $1900
72-84 inch (Lifesize) royalty: $2300-2500
Simple accessories (socks, scarves, other small clothing items): Normal $20, Double $40, Lifesize $60
Complex clothing items/outfits: Normal $60+, Double $120+, Lifesize $200+

So you are now up to date with the Stitch. On October 1st at noon CST I'll be opening one slot to get added to my current list to be made after the plush that I'm working on now. If you've got questions about something you'd like plushed, send me a note. The slot is for a Normal or Double size plush, and if I get a lot of interest in the Normals I may have more openings sooner. In order to snag the slot, send me a note with what you want on or after 12:00 CST on the 1st. I'll be choosing what gets made based on both order received and ability to pay. General questions and such can be directed into the comments below ^ ,^
Some true facts about Double Backstitch Arts ponies:
  • My Normal is as big as many average to large sized plushies, and is as tall as a house cat.

  • My Doubles are around the height of a border collie. This is some person holding one (a plush, not a border collie).
    Tara BackStitch by wilshirewolf
    (Mrs. Strong is 5ft 3in by the by)

  • My lifesize mares are as big as a literal miniature horse. It's borderline too big.

  • My lifer princesses are too big. My lifesize Celestia is about as tall as a pony can get before you start calling it a horse. Well, the proportions are off so if you're measuring to the top of the withers like I should be that statement is arguable, but still.
    Untitled by DoubleBackstitchArts

Size isn't everything, I know, but numbers and pictures on a screen don't compare to an in-person cuddle or stare in awe. I get a lot of people who are surprised when they get my girls and are like "holy wow, this is much larger than I expected" so I figured I'd write a fun little something up to provide some size perspective for the curious ^ ,^
Woo, that was fast. Thank you for the interest. I'll have another slot open next month, so no worries if you didn't make it in this time ^ ,^
Hay all, I'm going to have a new halfscale slot open up starting this Saturday at noon CST. Ready your ideas, note me if you've got any questions, and if you're able to pay in full within two weeks I'll be able to start work on your pony after the next backlog plush I clear. If you need more time then I'll add it to the end of my current halfscale list. I'm preferring ponies for now, but by all means ask about anything in the "halfscale" size range of 26 inches (usually priced at $600) if you'd like and I'll consider it. This is just a warning ahead of time so I don't spring this on folks completely by surprise; in order to get the slot you have to message me with what you want once I'm actually open on Saturday even if we talk about it before then. I don't expect too much competition, but if there is any it'll be sorted first by order of who can pay for plush (because Backstitch needs internet and groceries) and second by order of contact. I look forward to hearing from you ^ ,^
Good news, everybody! I've got patron rewards again over on Patreon! I've just uploaded over 140 new work-in-progress photos exclusive to my patrons. Starting from the rough concept sketches and embroidery designs to the finished unedited final shots, pledging any amount gives you access to all my current albums and there will be many more to come.

Come help support my passion and check out my struggle for plush perfection <3…

Note: You won't have access to patron exclusive content until your first pledge is processed (usually on or around the 1st).
Hi! My name is Double Backstitch, and I'm a total doof.
(Hi, Backstitch)
For the past four years I've been making plushies, I've never had the uploads themselves fully zoomable, so if you wanted to see the full image you had to push "download". Four years. Hooooooo boy. Well now you may notice all of my uploads ever looking a little bit sharper, as well as now you can zoom in to ridiculous levels on most of them. Go check out some of my stuff you may have seen before for the full HD Blu-Ray Imax 1020780-pi experience of a lifetime, in THREEEE DEEEE. Well, maybe not 3D. But high res for full detail veiwing, and such.
Yay better late than never? ^ ,^'
Yeah, it's a little sad but I can't make it this time. There's always next year. But this year I'll still kind of be going. Keep an eye out for Backstitch, because she's going to be there~!
Double size 26 inch Double Backstitch plush by DoubleBackstitchArts
So if you want to send hugs my way, or just want to see an example of my recent work in person, keep an eye out for the little white and gray me-pony. Be sure to ask nicely if you can hold her, because she was a special gift for my friend (he's super dreamy, but watch yourself- I get jealous ;p). I'd love to see pics of you and her because I'm basically living vicariously a bit through her trip out there, so be sure to strike a creative pose for my buddy if he remembers he's supposed to be taking photos.

Also, other customers who're going to BC and taking girls I've made, chime in! How much Stitchy representation is going to be at this thing?
"I'm Out of Money for Groceries" edition!

Hey howdy hi, all. I've got one commish slot open for a half-scale pony because I need to buy food and things while I continue to work off my current plush list. This month was hit with a bit of delay, so I haven't posted another finished plush yet, but I've got a Tavi that just needs a bit more sprucing up before she's finished. Then I can start working away at that new plush before diving back into the fluffy fray of my backlog. Also y'all might see another sewstream from me soon, once I get to an interesting part of a plush. Woo progress! I'm still aiming to work at a "one new, two old" pace to clear my work pile, and I feel like it's working. So, drop me a note asking about a ponypony you'd like made. Stallions and mares welcome, any kinds of accessories, probably not princess-types but I'll consider it. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Prices can be found here-ishly:
Updated Plushie Pricing and PoliciesPrices
Sizes and prices listed are not exclusive to ponies, and may be used as estimations for plushies of similar size. For a detailed quote, please feel free to send me a note.
6 inch beanies: $40? (unsure of set price just yet)
~9 inch (Normal size) filly or colt: $225
14-16 inch (Normal size) standard pones of both genders: $350
18-21 inch (Normal size) royalty: $500-650
18 inch (Double size) filly or colt: $500
24-30 inch (Double size) pones, mare or stally: $800
36-42 inch (Double size) royalty: $1200-1400
36 inch (Lifesize) filly or colt: $1200
48-ish inch (Lifesize) mare-types: $1800
60-ish inch (Lifesize) stallion-types: $1900
72-84 inch (Lifesize) royalty: $2300-2500
Simple accessories (socks, scarves, other small clothing items): Normal $20, Double $40, Lifesize $60
Complex clothing items/outfits: Normal $60+, Double $120+, Lifesize $200+
Stream's over for tonight ^ ,^ Thanks everyone who showed up, it was a good time! Despite how it looked, I got a lot done and had fun with it. I even did a draw thing at the end in MSPaint!
Trixie SpeedMSPaint by DoubleBackstitchArts
I think I'll do this again sometime soonly :)
Place you can go to follow me for future streams:
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Woo, I'm finally setup in a place I can work again! Clean, private, and roomy enough to work from. I've been busy the past week working out the kinks in my mare pattern while working on my second Derpy ever (among other plush too that are on my backlog) and the results speak for themselves: 
Untitled by DoubleBackstitchArtsUntitled by DoubleBackstitchArtsUntitled by DoubleBackstitchArts
Just a few tweaks here and there left before I think I'll be super satisfied with it, but I'm pretty darn proud as is ^ ,^ And really it's just so good to be back to sewing again. I've got a lot of work to do, yes indeed. Plenty to still catch up on, and... hey this month's commish slot was snagged! I can pay off my taxes now ^ ,^ If you're still looking to get a plush now, check this out:
Princess Luna Plush For SaleI'm trying to downsize my plush collection and I will be posting some more ponies for sale over the next week or so. I'm trying to raise a few extra bucks to help my friend out who is having some financial difficulties.
Luna was made by White-dove Creations and has been displayed only in a pet and smoke free home.
I originally paid $900+shipping but I'm asking $750+shipping for her. This is a 1st come 1st serve basis. I will ship internationally but be aware that shipping could be somewhere from $50-$70 depending on your location
Any questions or comments feel free to ask and please only serious offers. Thanks for looking!

A good friend and long-time customer is looking to sell a fine Luna plush made by White-dove Creations. She's only ever been on display in a super tidy environment. She's been barely handled and Wilshire takes such good care of his girls that she's practically new. So check that out if you're looking for a Luna at a discount.

But yeah. I'm still alive, and still fighting to keep at this. Thank you everyone for the support you've given me over the years since I started this as a hobby and the business you've given me as it became something more. What's next will be a lot of work, hopefully a lot of wip pics and updates as I perform feats of sewing might, I'm going to be adjusting my Patreon page again because in the meantime I won't be able to fulfill rewards like those monthly drawings that I'm still way behind on, and in general getting ready to open for business again hopefully by this summer. Keep an eye out for open plush slots as I clear current work, and thanks again ^ ,^

Questions and discussion of a general nature can be had here in the comments or by PM~

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More plushies done! I'm starting to build up a bit of speed, yeah? Up next is a Rainbow Dash quarterhorse, and then on to the halfscales! I'm pretty excite here. But wait, what's this title!? Conventions? Did I just pluralize that???

First! I have a booth at Fan Expo Canada! It's in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Level 800 in the Artist Alley, section A-190. There you'll be able to see a projector showing off a selection of my finer works, a table with some form of informational handouts on it, and my latest plush will be there in person!
Normal size 14 inch Flutterbat plush by DoubleBackstitchArts
Regretfully, I will not be. I'm in New Mexico darnit, don't expect me to be able to make it all the way up to Cananada XD But by all means if you're going and you see my booth, take a selfie in front of it and show it to me! Post it right to my facebook page or something, I'll love you lots <3

But I will be attending a convention in person soonly. Probably. Unless I suddenly develop a plush tumor in my spleen from inhaling too much minky fuzz (what do you mean you're starting to doubt I actually took anatomy and physiology classes?). All plans are for me to be going to Nightmare Nights Dallas along with a friend and this pretty girl all patched up and given some new armor~!
Luna Loves Moon Pies by DoubleBackstitchArts
Now this is where I need your help. I'll probably want to pull off some kind of cosplay, but I'm at a loss for what do to with that. I've never been to a convention where I didn't cosplay something after all. So... who should I dress as? Promise (myself)? Dubstitch pony? TRIXIE?! Or something else? I've not got a lot of time to work with, but I'd like to do something neat and recognizable. For ponies I can just make a plush head and use it as a mask (I've kinda done it before) or I can go full humanized and whatnot. But yah, pitch me ideas! I love to hear from y'all ^ ,^

Let's see... other than that, I recently hit 500 likes on my facebook page, and... Holy crow! I'm one watcher away from 1500!!! Woo, I'll have to do something or something! Or just acknowledge it and say thanks while spending the next three days straight sewing! Also sorry to patron people about the lack of art being done. I'm still definitely prioritizing some sewing, but I'm working on art too. I've got a lot of stuff rough sketched and I just need to set aside a dedicated few art days, probably after I finish quarterDashie. She just needs a mane and tail after all... so expect to see her posted soon! Woo it feels good to be productive.

So let's see, I've got a few more things here. If you missed 'em, here are some closeups of Flutterbat's lingerie:
I recently redesigned my business card, first time in three years. I'm going to be at cons sooner and later and customers often ask me to send some along because they end up at conventions with people asking where they can get a fabulous plush like the one they have, so some bizcards are neat to have. Here's how they look, and a shot of the original to show that they don't look that bad by comparison:
And this month's... last month's? Some month's silly video. I don't think I've posted this before publicly and it sums up why ponies with open mouths are silly in-progress and in general:

Anyway as you can tell I'm keeping delightfully busy, but never too busy to answer some comments or notes. Say something below if you'd like, tell me what I should dress as for Nightmare Nights, let me know my quality and sanity have been on the decline lately, whatevs ;p
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Another journal? I haven't posted so frequently in probably years. But I want to be hip with he cool kids and all my friends are doing it, so here goes!

1.) How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Oh wow, five years already? Since Jun 4, 2010. That was a lifetime ago.

2.) What does your username mean?

It means arts created by or attributed to a doubled form of stitch that appears to form a solid line ;p It's art by me! Me going by my pony's name anywho. Before that it was LatentPromise and same thing there, and before that PatNintendoGuy. That was back before I had any plans to art professionally, and before I heard why the AVGN isn't still the Angry Nintendo Nerd. Pat's another name I've been known by, I love Nintendo, and my gender is male. Srsly all this stuff is self-explanatory XD

3.) Describe yourself in three words.

Awkward, average, silly.

4.) Are you left or right handed?

I'm a righty but I've always appreciated left-handedness and wished I was ambidextrous.

5.) What was your first deviation?

Oh goshno. Please don't look.
Ichigo Kurosaki by DoubleBackstitchArts
I swear I didn't trace that, I just looked really hard at the lineart while I was copying Imean drawing that from an anime magazine (one of only two I've ever owned). Yes I watched Bleach, yes I still like the first few seasons I watched, and yes I lost track of it ages ago. But enough defending myself!

6.) What is your favourite type of art to create?

PLUSH. So much plush. Like, I plush intensely more than I do anything in life and I love it. I'm still not arrogant enough to call it "fabric sculpting" (I just think that it'd sound too pretentious coming from me) but definitely plush is best art.... though cosplay I've got into pretty hardcore. Sometimes they overlap and then I'm in heaven.

7.) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I... Well I want to learn to sculpt, animate, compose music, draw better, forge metal, build animatronics- but if I could learn one instantly? Animation(flash or 3D) or music. There are so many things I'd love to create both visually and musically, things I'd like to share with people because they make me happy, but I can't because I've no aptitude for such things XD Either that or animatronic design- I've wanted to build things like that since I was nine and I'd love to be able to get a job in it. It'd be like plushing plus. To me anyway.

8.) What was your first favourite?

Ahahaha... okay this is going to seem a bit egotistical but it's this:
Kitsune Kon Megatron by Darknessblade93064
That's meeee... I fav'd it because it was back when some of my Megatron cosplay pics went kinda viral and I was like "oh my gosh look at this I'm on the internet!"

9.) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Plush and drawn things. Usually plush I really like or that've been done by my plushfriends, and I fav art that really catches my eye or that's of mypones or my friends' ponies or my favorite ponies, though I really don't give out the favs as much as I should.

10.) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Okay so now you ask a hard one.... uhhh, I've probably fav'd Nazegoreng's work the most and and I've had the pleasure of being present from when she started up her plushstuff 'til now, going from an influence and helping hoof to her to now just helping each other out from time to time. She's a good friend and she's helped me out a lot over the years <3 I have to say though I've been super inspired by ButtercupBabyPPG's work just because the shapes all work so well together (beautiful shapes that are smooth, flow well, and just pop really catch my eye) and each plush she does feels so... unique and impassioned. I adore her and her ponies and she's probably my all-time fav. She's probably the closest to a senpai I've got >///<' (pls notice me)

11.) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Hahaha, oh dear. It'd be every plush friend I have like Nazegoreng and adamlhumphreys and Sophillia and WhiteHeather and ButtercupBabyPPG and buttsnstuff and- if you've made a plushie and we've talked I'd probably like to meet you and have a nice chat ^ ,^ Also my customers! Goodness, I've only met three in person before. So many people I work for I end up making friends with 'em and my life just wouldn't be the same without them. They're all so nice <3 I'd probably like to meet a few of the people I've seen and heard about by reputation but haven't had the courage or opportunity to say hi. If I end up at next year's BronyCon, I'll probably get the chance to meet a lot of these people :3

12.) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Gosh, almost every friend I have I've met here, mostly through work. And I have a job thanks to fellow deviants here hiring me to sew for them. So basically DeviantArt is responsible for my entire social life and career. And romantic life, too- I met my girlfriend here! Neato huh? ...I should be more active here.

13.) What are your preferred tools to create art?

Pliers, scissors, pens, pencils, sewing machine, measuring devices, calculator, drawing tablet, my brain- that last one's pretty vital. Oh and a needle and thread too. So much thread.

14.) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Hahaha, in front of my computer I guess? With how much I've had to move around in my life I've never had much of a concrete place to just create. So yah, in front of my computer with some tunes jamming and with my mind lost in whatever it is I'm doing.

15.) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Ah wow, that's the hardest of them all. Meeting my best friends here was pretty memorable, the excitement of my plushies starting to get noticed, that feeling of connection between myself and people commenting- I know.

My favorite memories are being told that I'm an inspiration. Not like because "look at me, I'm so important" but because of the feeling that my work is so much more than just me and my plush and a customer, though that relationship and feeling is very important too! It's just being told that something I've made has inspired someone else to create, that's powerful. I'm just so blah at what I do but people who could easily one day outclass me in this stuff tell me they look up to me or that they made this or that because of me. They ask me for advice, of all people, or ask for critiques or tips and I love helping! It's just such a good feeling knowing something I have in my head is worthwhile to someone. And I see these things that people create and I see them growing, and the knowledge that something I did got them moving in some creative direction... it about leaves me wordless really. I'm actually getting a bit emotional here, heh.

So that's a good note to leave on I think. I've just written a micro-novel and ended almost teary-eyed XD Happy b-day DeviantArt, without you I'd probably be a nobody. And only maybe homeless, friendless, and jobless ;p And thanks anyone who actually read this thing through!