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Firstly thank you everyone who submitted entries to the contest, you are all wonderful and if I could, I'd make you all winners. However, I only have limited time and places open for the winners of this year's contest, and they are thusly mentioned.

First place:
A Moonlit Race by Paper-Cities
"A Moonlit Race" by Paper-Cities
The artist demonstrated considerable effort in the drawing and story but also in exploring and learning about the characters' stories and how they interact. The highest points you can ever score in these things is by notably taking interest in the characters and then basing a creation around them. The short story setting the scene and the image that it goes with really set this later entry as the highest mark. They win the first prize of a beanie of their choice~!

Second place:
Contest Entry: Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch by BlackCatSamurai
"Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch" by BlackCatSamurai
It's rare you see a physical representation of lil' Dubbstitch, and never have I ever seen a rainbow power version of her. This entry gets big points for the physical nature of it, plus the careful consideration that was made when choosing how one would adapt my monochromatic pony into something fabulous. For her efforts, she wins the service of my hands to draw her something to her liking.

Third place:…
"I'll be home for Hearth's Warming" by avalon487 on furafinity
If you were around for my last contest, this guy. This guy is good stuff. When he writes, he really makes me feel like my characters are something a bit more than just ponies in my head. Really, he's got some true talent. He's fabulous, and he wins a sort of fabulous me drawing for him.

Fourth place?!:
Dubby's Christmas Party by lemonthecombustible
"Dubby's Christmas Party" by lemonthecombustible
Okay so there wasn't supposed to be a fourth place for this tier, but Lemon here just went all out with this one and I couldn't leave it out. She even sent me the hard copy of it, and it's so gorgeous in person. Her extra efforts award her an art of her desiring by my hand.

All other entries really were dearly appreciated and will be compiled into a collage submission like my previous one. Thanks again everyone, and let's do this again some time ^ ,^
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