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For those looking forward to seeing me, I won't be able to make it out again. Some serious things at home have been piling up, and it's reached a point where I can't responsibly take the time off or risk such a long distance trip. Y'all might see the Backstitch plush that my friend wilshirewolf has, because he's going, so you can still meet the sewn me if you'd like. Thank you for your understanding.
Firstly thank you everyone who submitted entries to the contest, you are all wonderful and if I could, I'd make you all winners. However, I only have limited time and places open for the winners of this year's contest, and they are thusly mentioned.

First place:
A Moonlit Race by Paper-Cities
"A Moonlit Race" by Paper-Cities
The artist demonstrated considerable effort in the drawing and story but also in exploring and learning about the characters' stories and how they interact. The highest points you can ever score in these things is by notably taking interest in the characters and then basing a creation around them. The short story setting the scene and the image that it goes with really set this later entry as the highest mark. They win the first prize of a beanie of their choice~!

Second place:
Contest Entry: Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch by BlackCatSamurai
"Rainbow Powered Double Backstitch" by BlackCatSamurai
It's rare you see a physical representation of lil' Dubbstitch, and never have I ever seen a rainbow power version of her. This entry gets big points for the physical nature of it, plus the careful consideration that was made when choosing how one would adapt my monochromatic pony into something fabulous. For her efforts, she wins the service of my hands to draw her something to her liking.

Third place:…
"I'll be home for Hearth's Warming" by avalon487 on furafinity
If you were around for my last contest, this guy. This guy is good stuff. When he writes, he really makes me feel like my characters are something a bit more than just ponies in my head. Really, he's got some true talent. He's fabulous, and he wins a sort of fabulous me drawing for him.

Fourth place?!:
Dubby's Christmas Party by lemonthecombustible
"Dubby's Christmas Party" by lemonthecombustible
Okay so there wasn't supposed to be a fourth place for this tier, but Lemon here just went all out with this one and I couldn't leave it out. She even sent me the hard copy of it, and it's so gorgeous in person. Her extra efforts award her an art of her desiring by my hand.

All other entries really were dearly appreciated and will be compiled into a collage submission like my previous one. Thanks again everyone, and let's do this again some time ^ ,^
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Thank you all for the contest entries! We got a total of nine submissions it looks like, meaning we didn't break out of first-tier prizes sadly. Maybe next time, friends. Winners will be announced a week from now, so keep an eye out for that to see a collage of the lovely arts that were submitted ^ ,^ Winners of the beanie and drawing commissions will be contacted by private message.

Do you like winning things? Me too! Do you ever win anything? I don't either! Is it fun to try to win something anyway? Depends on who you ask! Hi people, and welcome to the first (and potentially last if I don't remember next year) annual Winter "I Never Win Anything" Contest. I recently passed 1500 watchers here on DeviantArt, 228 watchers on FurAffinity, 170 follows on Tumbly, 800 likes on Facebook, it's a month from Chrissms, I just made a beanie pattern, and any other excuse to do this. So what's the deal with the WINWAC? I'm glad I asked.

PRIZES (because talking first about what you can win catches your attention):

If I get 1-29 submissions:
  • 1 First Place prize of a beanie of your choosing
  • 2 Second Place digital art prizes
If I get 30-99 submissions:
  • 1 Grand prize of a Normal scale mare or stallion or anything in that size range you'd want sewn!
  • 3 First Place prizes of drawings of anything the winners want because there's no way I can get people to pay me to draw!
  • 1 Random draw prize of a beanie to a random contestant! Anyone could win unless the random number generator is rigged!
If I get 100+ submissions:
  • 1 Grand prize of a Double scale mare, stallion, or non-pony plush in similar size range
  • 3 First place beanie prizes, with an option to instead ask for a digital art prize
  • 1 Normal scale mare/stallion/other random draw to a random contestant

Isn't that pretty nifty? Now, how to win a fabbo prize. TH' RULES:

You MUST be watching, following, or have liked me where you post your submission to. Submissions can be linked to in the comment section of this post on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Facebook. Tumblr you can PM me a link, or... I really don't know how tumblr works. Someone explain tumblr to me please.

SHARE this contest post wherever it may be posted that you're submitting to. The more you share, the more people can enter, and the closer you get to better prizes being available.

Submissions to the contest can be of any format. Art, fanfiction, one guy once submitted an Australian rap track. So long as it's got some obvious effort to it, you're good. To qualify for the random draw, the only criteria is that you put in apparent effort and you follow the other contest rules. That's it!

DEADLINE is 2359 (11:59 PM) CST on February 28th. Winners will be announced on March the 7th. If you aren't watching/following/liked where you've submitted, and/or you haven't shared the contest post, then your submission will be disqualified so be sure to do the things.

As for the submission content, it has to be of or about the following characters. My main two ponies, Backstitch and Promise are pretty much me. I'll be updating their refs soon, but really all that's changed is Promise has longer hair. Trick Shot (wilshirewolf's character) is Backstitch's sweetheart, but he used to be Promise's special somepony too. Passion Sparks (Loves-To-Derp's character) is Promise's marefriend now. Fireside is the edgy over-the-top character with a crazy backstory, and has both a male and female form. Male form is his natural form, female was his original form, and these days he's got a full beard (and an eyepatch on his right eye). War Sketch (also Loves-To-Derp's character) is his over-the-top lover with her own wild story. If you want more art for references or further details on them as characters, let me know. I've got loooots of art and backstory for all these darlings.
Double Backstitch ref sheet by DoubleBackstitchArts Latent Promise reference sheet by DoubleBackstitchArtsTrick Shot Reference Sheet by XNightMelodyPassion Sparks Reference Sheet by Loves-To-Derp Passion Sparks Ponysona Ref by Loves-To-Derp
Firseside quick ref by DoubleBackstitchArts

How are submissions judged? Submissions will be judged based on how well they grasp the characters being portrayed, and then on effort put in. Something doesn't have to look the best to win. My last contest winner was an author who wrote the sweetest story that captured amazingly the special relationship between me and my dear friend who Trick Shot represents. Take some time to think out what you'll do, and how that would fit in with the characters and their personalities. If you need more info than I provide in a ref and description, hit me up and I'd be happy to talk about the little ponies running around in my head.

That's all I can think for now to say. If you've got questions, let me know.
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Some true facts about Double Backstitch Arts ponies:
  • My Normal is as big as many average to large sized plushies, and is as tall as a house cat.

  • My Doubles are around the height of a border collie. This is some person holding one (a plush, not a border collie).
    Tara BackStitch by wilshirewolf
    (Mrs. Strong is 5ft 3in by the by)

  • My lifesize mares are as big as a literal miniature horse. It's borderline too big.

  • My lifer princesses are too big. My lifesize Celestia is about as tall as a pony can get before you start calling it a horse. Well, the proportions are off so if you're measuring to the top of the withers like I should be that statement is arguable, but still.
    Untitled by DoubleBackstitchArts

Size isn't everything, I know, but numbers and pictures on a screen don't compare to an in-person cuddle or stare in awe. I get a lot of people who are surprised when they get my girls and are like "holy wow, this is much larger than I expected" so I figured I'd write a fun little something up to provide some size perspective for the curious ^ ,^
Good news, everybody! I've got patron rewards again over on Patreon! I've just uploaded over 140 new work-in-progress photos exclusive to my patrons. Starting from the rough concept sketches and embroidery designs to the finished unedited final shots, pledging any amount gives you access to all my current albums and there will be many more to come.

Come help support my passion and check out my struggle for plush perfection <3…

Note: You won't have access to patron exclusive content until your first pledge is processed (usually on or around the 1st).


Sizes and prices listed are not exclusive to ponies, and may be used as estimations for plushies of similar size. For a detailed quote, please feel free to send me a note.

6 inch beanies: $40? (unsure of set price just yet)

~9 inch (Normal size) filly or colt: $225

14-16 inch (Normal size) standard pones of both genders: $350

18-21 inch (Normal size) royalty: $500-550

18 inch (Double size) filly or colt: $500

24-30 inch (Double size) pones, mare or stally: $800

36-42 inch (Double size) royalty: $1200-1400

36 inch (Lifesize) filly or colt: $1200

48-ish inch (Lifesize) mare-types: $1800

60-ish inch (Lifesize) stallion-types: $1900

72-84 inch (Lifesize) royalty: $2300-2500

Simple accessories (socks, scarves, other small clothing items): Normal $20, Double $40, Lifesize $60
Complex clothing items/outfits: Normal $60+, Double $120+, Lifesize $200+

If your plush doesn't fall into these sizing categories, or if you don't know how big it'd be or how big you'd want it, send me a note! I'd be happy to discuss the details. These prices are for anything that can be plushed: human, feral, anthro, mecha, and for original and background type characters too of most any type. Ask me about any details you want on your plush- I don't build it 'til you've approved the design. My aim is delivering top quality and the closest plush to your vision I can manage!

Shipping varies depending on the plush size and your location in the world- I do ship internationally, but there are limits on how big a box I can send to some countries (I'm looking at you, Australia). Some really rough estimates for stateside shipping are $20 for Normal, $40 for Double, and $100 give or take for Lifesize. Internationally you can be looking at $20-40 for Normal, $50-60 for Double, and $140 give or take for normal Lifesize. Very rough estimates, so note me a zipcode or postal code and country for a more accurate shipping estimate and info on whether your plush will have to be (or would save you some serious money if) sent partially or fully unstuffed.

Now on to policies for more details!


  1. Prices are as quoted. I'm known to offer discounts for group/pair commissions though.
  2. For all plushies, a non-refundable payment to cover materials is required before work can begin on it and sometimes to reserve a commission slot.
  3. Payment in full is required before your plush can be shipped.
  4. Pricing for less popular/background/original characters is the same as any other plush, though I require payment in full before starting work on plush like that. This is to protect me with plush that I can't find another buyer for if the commissioner backs out- and the reason this is a policy is because it has happened before.
  5. Pricing is applicable to far more than pony-type things, and can be used to estimate what a plush of most anything might cost.
  6. Additional outfits and accessories beyond what the character usually appears with or complex accessories and outfits will cost extra.

Other info

  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to note me about anything! I'd love to hear from you and discuss the plush you want made, and how I can make him/her exactly how you want to the best of my abilities. Tell me about what pose you want, the expression, specifics on body shape, color options, general deviations from the norm, etc! There are no silly questions besides the ones you don't ask. Or somesuch. Please don't ask me if I can make a lifesize princess for $30. That might be a silly question.
  • I do offer restorative/care services for plushies I've made! Plushies can get a lil' dirty, pop seams, and have their stuffing go flat or shift around inside over time, especially on the bigger ones. If it's a small repair you can drop me a note on how to go about fixing your plush up anytime, but sometimes after a few years your plush might start to show its age. Again, especially big ones because their larger mass puts more stress on the body by default, and more surface area means more fabric to get dirty. For the cost of shipping back and forth and a rate of $10/hr for my time, plus materials if needed (depends on the size of the job), your darling plush can be unstuffed, washed, dried, fixed up and restuffed good as the day you pulled her out of her box! On some of my largest plushies I include an option for an invisible zipper on the back so you can unstuff, wash, and repair the body yourself, but some people still prefer I do it. If you're confident you can unstuff and restuff your own plush (I offer to make videos on how to stuff your plush too if necessary), that can save you literally hundreds in shipping. Also, if you want new accessories for your plush that could be a time for me to make something snazzy for him/her! I'm dedicated to making sure you get the plush you want and keeping it in top lovable condition ^ ,^
  • If you've got a girl really showing her age, talk to me about possibly remaking her at a discounted price if I keep the original. My style changes over time, and I'm always learning new and groovy things so ask if you're interested in a whole new plush- stuffed with its original stuffing of course. I recycle and reuse as much of the original as I can to make it more of a reincarnation than a remake... if that makes any sense. If that's a lil' too hippy-dippy for you though I can always use all new materials- again, drop me a note if you've got a plush that needs more than just a day at the spa!
That should be most of the info I get asked about regularly. General questions/comments can go below in the comments, but remember that specifics still need to be discussed by note. Thank you for your time and interest in my work, and I look forward to working with you!
Mmkay, so I've wanted to try out a different look for eyes for a while now and I wanted to get some opinions. I'm doing a test embroider right now for one of them while I work on other stuff, so I'll have actual pics of what they look like soon, but I've got some previews to show for now.

For reference, these are Derpy's eyes in FiM style:
Screenshot 2015-03-24 09.07.33 by DoubleBackstitchArts
And here's one of her eyes in the style I want to try:
Screenshot 2015-03-24 09.06.24 by DoubleBackstitchArts
And here's a pair of Backstitch eyes that I'm embroidering right now:
Screenshot 2015-03-24 10.10.27 by DoubleBackstitchArts
The design is inspired by a few artists I've seen who draw ponies with a deeper understanding of anatomy (yes, I know these aren't equine-accurate pupils! XD). Tell me what y'all think! Would anyone want to see these on their plush? Or would you prefer to stick with full FiM style?
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Well I've talked with my judges, and I've thought hard on the submissions myself, and the winner is...
Orion487 with his story "Day Off"!
Reason for selection: The author dedicated himself to writing the characters as true to their proper selves as their owners (myself and Wilshirewolf) could have. Over a month and a half he talked with me on several occasions, asking many questions and really digging into what makes the relationship between Promise and Trick work. I could feel he was passionate about making a story that would be something Trick and I would enjoy, and in doing so he made the most perfect story of the two ponies I've ever read. It made both me and Trick smile and marvel at how in-character our ponies were, as if we'd been the ones writing them. For a short story, it was beautiful and a product of proper passion. Orion, you win the 1:4 scale plushie of your choosing. Thank you so much for entering my contest.

Now that the grand prize has been given out, I've got three first-place prizes to award: Pictures draw'd by me! ...Yes I know most the art entries in the contest were of a higher caliber than what I'm capable of. But I'm still gonna show my appreciation to the passionate, dang it! So for our drawring winners we have...

"Precious Memories" by TakShadoWing
This piece is brilliantly done traditionally, and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the relationship between Double Backstitch and Latent Promise. The image doesn't stand alone, as it is accompanied by a story that acts as an excerpt from Backstitch's early life. It's one thing to see a reference and draw a pony, but it's another entirely to care enough to understand that pony, to ask questions, and to put time and effort into applying that understanding and information. This work is beautiful, truly the work of not only talent but passion. Thank you.

"Double Backstitch" by Mellifluence24…
Yes, that's a soundcloud link. This is a rap song. Its title is simple, but the lyrics cover much. The artist asked a lot of questions, and put a lot of work into creating a set of flowing words that describe my pony in the most charming way possible. The subject matter moves from carefree to serious and back again fluidly, not simply focusing on one aspect of my pony, but her as a whole. All I can say is thanks, and Mellifluence, you can call her Dubby anytime ^ ,^

"Nice to Meet You" by mr-tiaa
This piece was another that really amazed me. It wasn't that it's very finely drawn, so much as the moment in time it's showing. Something that represents a lot of things to me personally, but also something in the characters' lives that means a lot. The image is a still from a memory with a great mix of emotions. The characters are portrayed excellently, and also the thing that amazed me the most is how perfectly my Double Backstitch was drawn. It's very much the her that I had in my mind, I just wasn't able to draw her like I saw her. It's the undersanding of the characters and their dynamics that really make this picture more than excellently drawn. Thank you very, very much.

So those are the winning entries! It was so hard picking who won and why, and I just wish I could have made plushies for everyone who entered. But there will be more contests. And the point is to say thank you for a thousand watches, and I hope to be around for another thousand. And thank you to everyone who entered! I truly loved every single entry, and I'll be contacting each of you to ask permission to make a collage of submissions to show everyone how wonderful you and your entries all are!
Oh my gosh! A thousand! That's like. Ten hundreds. Or a hundred tens. Or one thousand ones. And I passed thirty thousand pageviews ._. I'm just a little in shock. Two'n a half years I've been plushing, and I finally hit this super huge milestone X3 Had it not been for all you who've watched me, I wouldn't be plushing today.

And so now, I give back to you, the watchers. In this, the Double Backstitch Arts 1k watcher plush contest!

What's the prize before I start spouting rules? Why it's a pony of your choosing. Anypony (within plushable reason) besides the princesses (Twi is still fine though, wings or wingless). And not just any anypony, but my first ever 1/4 scale pony (if it's a mare that'll be 11 inches tall). I'll plush mane six, background characters, OCs, stallions or mares- will I plush them? Feel free to ask! There will be only one plush winner... but three runner-up prizes.

The runner up prizes will be drawings draw'd by me. Yes, I can draw. After the grand prize winner is picked, I'll pick three runner-ups who I'll draw whatever they want (within reason).

How do you enter?

Well first you have to be watching me. This is a watcher contest, after all.
After you've made sure you've pushed the watch button, post a journal on your own page explaining briefly that I'm having a contest and provide a link back to this journal.
Now you can create your submission! And your submission can be anything. Art, craft, music, video, a game, sketches, baking (pics of baked goods only; I'll take your word on the taste ;p), interpretive dance, papercrafts, anything. Just so long as you've put your best into it. It has to have heart, and it has to fit the theme. What theme?

Your submission has to have something to do with one of my ponies. You've got two to pick from, either Double Backstitch:
Double Backstitch ref sheet by DoubleBackstitchArts

Or Latent Promise:
Latent Promise reference sheet by DoubleBackstitchArts

You can do whatever you want with them, but I should hope it stays roughly "in character". If you've got a submission idea and want to run it by me, feel free to. One condition, no nsfw of Backstitch. But you can do something with your pony or ponies and mine, or just something involving one of mine, or really anything. Use your beautiful imaginations! If you're really short for ideas, Promise has a special somepony named Trick Shot(belonging to wilshirewolf) ~ ,^
Ponscal by DoubleBackstitchArts
With your submissions, it'd be wonderful if you would give a rationale on why you did what you did. Conveying the reasoning behind what you made will really help my understanding the soul of it. If you don't want to explain yourself, and prefer to have your submission stand on its own, that's fine too.

So! That's that. The start for the contest is now, and the deadline for submissions is my birthday, August 6th, so I won't be taking submissions from the 7th onward. Submissions can be sent in by note, link me to whatever it might be you've done and I'll save it in my newly made submissions folder! (for physical craft things, you don't have to mail it to me XD) I'll take a few days to a week to judge the submissions (depending on how many I get) and then I'll decide who gets the plush and who gets the pics.

If you've any questions that this doesn't answer, ask in the comments or by note. Questions on my ponies can be asked too, and about the prizes if I wasn't clear enough on them.

Thank you all for all these watches, and views, and everything! Good luck, and I can hardly wait to see what you wonderful folks can come up with ^ ,^

~D. Backstitch
Hey you! Yes, you! Do you want a free pony? Well today's your lucky day, 'cause I'm giving one away! That's right, thanks to three hundred of your beautiful people pushing the watch button, I've made a plush pony to give to one of ya! Really, I can't thank you fine folks enough. Three hundred. That's a really nice number. It's over 299, and under 301. And something about Sparta. (the current 8.6k page views are nice too)

 photo itsover299_zpsec8f818c.jpg

(Yes, I know I've got a few more now, but it took me a little longer to finish the free pony than I thought it would.)

What plush is it that I'm giving away? A 6 inch tall Vinyl Scratch! Hand made for one lucky watcher, she's made of fleece, a throwback to my early days of pony plushing. She's the smallest pony I've ever made, and probably the last pony of that size I'll ever make. Hand embroidered features and hand sewn tail and body, she's a very lovingly put together lil' Scratchy.

 photo scratchtiny_zps368ff22e.jpg  photo scratchtiny2_zpsc2e3d9cd.jpg
 photo scratchtiny1_zpsd9daf89d.jpg  photo scratchtiny3_zpse0614c7a.jpg

Watch her in action! =>

I'll ship to anywhere, and for free. Because I love everyone out there, not just folks in the continental United States. :meow:

Now, how do you enter the giveaway? Easier than pie! Just "Watch" me here on DeviantArt (you'll need an account here to do that), then post a journal entry yourself that links back to this one and that gives a short description of the contest. You'll have 'til April 29th to enter, and then I'll draw a random watcher. I'll check to see if the watcher has posted a journal linking back to this here one, and if they have...

 photo my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-you-win.gif

It's really that easy! Some quick no-no's for the contest:

1) Don't note/message me a link to your link to my link. Really now, that'd just make my head hurt. I'll do the checking after the contest is over, you've just got to make sure you've posted it. This also means ya don't have to link your link to my link in the comments. ;p


2) If you've got a question on something I wasn't clear enough about, the comment section below is really handy for that! No need to message or note me on that sorta stuff, and others can read your question and my reply thataway.

3) I don't ask for perfect grammar and spelling, but keep it clean in the comments and such. A little politeness goes a long way, you know.

4) No matter how much you beg, I've got to be fair in who gets the pony. Beggars can't be choosers, but beggars can make me facepalm and sigh.

So one more time, you've got a month to "Watch" me, then post a journal linking back to this journal entry, and that's it. I wish you all good luck, and may the force be with you that you may live long and pony.